About Dr. Andrew H. Rosenthal, MD

Dr. Andrew H. Rosenthal, MD - Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Andrew Rosenthal, MD now offers his extensive training in plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients at New Radiance Cosmetic Centers – Wellington. As a leading provider of both reconstructive and cosmetic treatments, Dr. Rosenthal provides patients with access to options such as liposuction, facial surgeries, rhinoplasty, and numerous other cosmetic procedures, such as:

Dr. Rosenthal trained at the prestigious Duke University as well as Tulane University, and the University of Miami, Florida. He received degrees in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from the world-renowned University of Michigan program and completed a two-year fellowship in Craniofacial Research at the University of Michigan in a National Institute of Health core lab. While there, he concentrated on difficult aspects of facial reconstruction. He also developed a device which helps prevent positional head deformities in children.


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