Slender and toned limbs are a timeless symbol of youth, vitality, and overall fitness. Conversely, loose skin sagging from the upper arms or the thighs are telltale signs of aging. And unfortunately, this is a condition that cannot be corrected through exercise.

What causes sagging skin?

  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • Improper weight loss
  • Dehydrated skin cells
  • Oxidative Stress

Fortunately, there are options – arm lifts and thigh lifts at New Radiance Cosmetic Center of Wellington.

Arm Lift (Brachiplasty)

Go Sleeveless Again!

The arm lift, or brachiplasty, incision from the underarm area extending along the inside or back of the upper arm to the elbow. To obtain the best contour it is sometimes necessary to extend the incision across the underarm area and slightly on to the side of the chest. The excess skin is then removed, leaving the arm with that toned, youthful look.

Thigh Lift

Who wears short shorts? You wear short shorts!

The thigh lift, or thighplasty, is an excellent way to get those firm and sexy upper legs you are looking for. This procedure removes the excess skin and fat from the outer thighs and buttock and thereby tightens the underlying support layers of the skin. As the result of a lower body lift, the buttock and outer thighs will look tighter and more attractive. Liposuction can be performed in conjunction with a lower body lift to further enhance the overall result.*

For information on arm lifts and thigh lifts, contact one of our resident experts to set up a consultation.