Raised eyebrows and furrowed brows can communicate so much more than words. Unfortunately, the more expressive you are, the more your forehead can carry signs of aging. A wrinkled or sagging brow may give others the wrong impression on how you feel on the inside, or what your true age really is. Fortunately, New Radiance Cosmetic Center of Wellington offers brow lifts which can tighten your forehead and make your face look younger with healthy, tightened skin.*

Those interested should come in our offices for a consultation with Dr. Douglas Dedo who will meet with you and closely analyze the condition of your brow to determine a personalized treatment plan.

How is the Brow Lift Performed?

Similar to a facelift, Dr. Dedo will perform your brow lift in a layered or multi-layered approach. Dr. Dedo makes incisions along the hairline in order to obscure the procedure. He will work from a deeper structure — the goal is to not merely lift your forehead, but to do so in a way that maintains your face’s personality, only with a younger look!*

Following your procedure, Dr. Dedo will provide you with information and guidelines for your recovery. You will need about five to 10 days before returning to work.

For more information,  or to contact our staff for a private complimentary consultation, click here.