Facial Plastic Surgery (Face Lift)

Facial Procedures Performed by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Douglas Dedo

The greatest indicator of our age and our vitality is our face. The goal of a facelift(rhytidectomy) is to improve the appearance of these common visible signs of aging for those at an age where non-surgical treatments like Botox or dermal fillers cannot achieve the results that they want.

Common Issues
Deep facial wrinkles in the lower face
Loose skin or jowls
Neck folds or banding
The results of your face lift surgery can provide you with a younger appearance so that you may look considerable younger by up to 10 years.

During your consultation, Dr. Douglas Dedo, triple board certified plastic surgeon, will analyze your face, paying careful attention to its specific condition, unique structure, and the balance of your features.

Detailed photographs will be taken of your face for both you and him to review. After further discussion, you will meet with our patient care coordinator to discuss potential dates for surgery, payment, and billing, based on specific details that will be involved for your surgery.

Dr. Dedo will perform your face lifts differently than many plastic surgeons. Instead of merely pulling the skin, he performs an intricate layered or multi-layered procedure, working on a deeper structure to lift, reshape and contour your face to achieve optimal results specific to your own look. By working in the deeper structures of your face, his work creates and maintains a look that appears naturally youthful and rested, turning back the hands of Time.*

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