Neck Lift

The neck can show telltale signs of age that the rest of your features may conceal. At New Radiance Cosmetic Center of Wellington, we offer various treatments, from non-invasive laser procedure to traditional neck lifts.

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Why Get a Neck Lift?

Neck lift surgery acts upon the signs of age from the patient’s neck to the jaw line. Often done concurrently with a face lift, the neck lift creates the appearance of a more youthful face by removing the loose, sagging skin from under the chin, correcting those folds, or ‘bands’, on the neck, and eliminating areas of fat.

Signs of Aging in the Neck

  • Loose Neck Skin (the “turkey wattle”)
  • Neck folds or banding
  • Areas of Fat Under the Chin (the “Double Chin”) and on the Neck

In addition, as muscle is turned to fat and deposits of fat are laid down in the neck, one loses the natural jaw line of youth and beauty and the face literally flows into the neck.

Correcting this problem requires a necklift. By sculpting the neck through the removal of fat and tightening the platysma muscle, one is able to create a foundation upon which to re-drape the skin.

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