More familiarly referred to as a “nose job”, rhinoplasty can transform the look and shape of your nose to better balance your face’s symmetry, increasing one’s self-confidence.*

Reasons for Interest in Nose Surgery

  • Enhancing the shape or size of the nose
  • Reducing a large bridge or curvature
  • Treating breathing difficulties
  • Correcting damage from an injury
  • Correcting a deviated septum

Here at New Radiance Cosmetic Centers, our ultimate goal is to reshape the nose to look natural and create a balance with the other facial features to enhance the overall facial harmony. Dr. Douglas Dedo implements a wide variety of techniques including open rhinoplasty to address each patient as a completely unique case with customized treatment and surgical plan depending on their specific features. Most surgeons are inclined to use a single method, which causes the commonly-known “cookie-cutter” look.

During your consultation, Dr. Dedo will carefully analyze your nose.  He will ask you about your medical history, and he will definitely want to know about any nose injuries you have had, no matter how minor or how long ago. He will also ask you to bring along some pictures of yourself when you were younger. This helps guide the way to the best rhinoplasty possible.

Dr. Dedo Rhinoplasty Before and After 1
Dr. Dedo Rhinoplasty Before and After 2
Dr. Dedo Rhinoplasty Before and After 3
Dr. Dedo Rhinoplasty Before and After 4
Dr. Dedo Rhinoplasty Before and After 5
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