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Smart Liposuction Laser body sculpting at New Radiance Cosmetic Center near West Wellington is the safest, most effective, and most affordable procedure available today to sculpt your body, tighten lose skin and give you the figure you desire!*
The Joint Commission National Quality Approval - Dr. Neil C. Goodman
Dr. Neil C. Goodman – Board Certified Surgeon

  • Dr. Neil Goodman is accredited at New Radiance and approved by The Joint Commission and the Florida Board of Medicine for Level 1 office-based surgery, which allows for removal of up to 4 liters of fat.1
  • One of the most experienced Smart Liposuction experts with over 5000 procedures over the course of his career
  • Is accredited to do large- and medium-sized cases
  • Specializes in laser liposuction surgery and fat transfer to buttocks and breast
  • Affordable pricing, with financing options available
  • Extensive Before and After library of photos available for viewing by prospective clients

New Radiance is a JCS (Joint Hospital Commission) accredited facility. According to the state of Florida’s strict cosmetic surgery regulations, only accredited clinicians like Dr. Goodman are allowed to remove up to four (4) liters of fat, as opposed to the one (1) liter that non-accredited facilities are limited to.1

Before & Afters*

Large Volume Liposuction Results Liposuction for Cellulite Reduction Fat Transfer to Butt Example Liposuction Procedure

Click here for Dr. Goodman’s Fat Transfer Before & After Photos*

*Please note that individual results will vary and may not exactly match Before and Afters.

New Radiance Liposuction Procedures

*Individual results will vary and may not exactly match before & afters.

Laser Liposuction – A Description

Here is Doctor Neil Goodman’s first person account of his procedure:

When we’re ready to start the removal of fat portion of the case, we make little tiny holes with a hole punch — we’re not making any incisions.These are just two millimeters.

Once that we have the holes made, we will set up the power assist and we’ll collect the fat . . . that’s always exciting. We use a vibrating cannula – the vibration knocks the fat off. It’s dull, not sharp, and the little holes along the side of the cannula suck the fat out. We gently slide this back and forth through the fat . . . The nice thing about this is it removes fat quickly, but it doesn’t destroy the viability of the fat. I cannot use a laser yet because I would destroy the viability. Later on in the process, I will use the laser.

The advantage or one of the major advantages of liposuction on local anesthesia is the ability to stand the patient up, squeeze the area being worked on, and feel if it’s the correct thickness or not. If it’s bigger on one side than the other, or if it’s bigger on one side than the other, you can correct it.

Once the majority of the fat has been moved, we begin the laser liposuction process. Again, this is most important if we are going to perform a fat transfer, because we need the fat to be viable. A laser is attached to a suction tube and melts and suctions out the excess fat. I only use laser liposuction after initial liposuction, unlike some other surgeons, because I find it creates smoother and tighter skin.

The whole process takes about 4 hours, and it is so easy and uncomplicated, that my patients can leave on their own two feet.

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