Comparing CoolSculpting to Smart Liposuction

CoolSculpting Treatments can help you lose a few ounces of fat –  Dr. Neil Goodman’s average Smart Liposuction case removes 6 pounds of fat but if non-surgical fat reduction is for you – Now there is SculpSure!

If you have heard  “Freeze the Fat” and you want to know if CoolSculpting  is right for you or perhaps there is something better out there.

CoolSculpting is specifically those individuals with a very small amount of “localized” fat. The reason for this is because the “large” CoolSculpting applicator treats an area as described by CoolSculpting as “the size of a stick of butter” , about 4 ounces of fat.  As per their studies “up to 23%” of that fat actually goes away in 3-6 months1. A typical CoolSculpting treatment may consists of 2 large applicator treatments and 2 small applicator treatments. The average cost for these will be a $3750 – $4,250 (local area average cost). After waiting 3-6 months for results, CoolSculpting claims that 23% of the fat will be gone1.  That’s less than 3 ounces of fat …which come to a staggering cost of $1250 per ounce of fat removed!

Smart Liposuction – The average Smart Liposuction procedure by Dr. Neil Goodman removes 2.8 liters of fat. That’s 104 ounces or 6 1/2 pounds  of fat which is 35 times more fat than the CoolSculpting procedure reviewed above.

Not only is that 35 times more fat removed than CoolSculpting but Smart Liposuction removes all the problem fat in the areas treated. Additionally. Smart Liposuction also tightens skin, something that CoolSculpting can’t claim. With Smart Liposuction you walk in and walk out with the body of your dreams and unlike CoolSculpting there is no waiting 3-6 months for results!*

SculpSure – If you want non-invasive fat reduction, you need to know about SculpSure.

SculpSure has just become the newest and best way to non-surgically treat fat and it’s not hard to understand why. A large CoolSculpting treatment treats an area of fat about the size of a stick of butter, takes an hour and costs about $1400. In just 25 minutes 4 SculpSure applicators simultaneously treat a total area the size of 3½ sticks of butter. SculpSure studies show a higher percentage of fat treated is reduced yet 4 applicators of SculpSure cost about the same as the 1 large CoolSculpting applicator. But it’s not just 3 1/2 times more fat, results are seen in half the time and SculpSure also tightens skin, something that CoolSculpting doesn’t even claim to do.


Read CoolSculpting Reviews:

” To say I was disappointed is an understatement”.

Cost Comparison – 35 times more Fat is removed in one average Smart Liposuction case than with similarly priced CoolSculpting treatments!

  • Smart Liposuction – Average Case at New Radiance = 2800 cc (2.8 liters) Cost $4500 – $5000
  • CoolSculpting – 2 large applicators & 2 Small Applicators = 80 cc ( 0.08 liters) Cost $4500 – $5000

Side by side results can’t compare – Smart liposuction eliminates much more fat than CoolSculpting. And with Smart Liposuction you walk in and walk out and the fat cells in treatment area are removed…for good! Don’t wait 3-6 months to see results – Call us today for a Free Smart Liposuction Consult.

CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ

  • Is only for those people with “a mild amount of extra fat whose fat deposits are localized” (as per CoolSculpting)
  • Is designed to treat small areas of fat deposits and “trouble spots” (as per CoolSculpting)
  • A large CoolSculpting applicator treats an area about the size of a stick of butter BUT only 23% of the fat treated (1/4 stick of butter) is going to be eliminated…. leaving 75% remaining!1
  • Results take 3-6 months to see after the procedure
  • Cost – At $1300- $1500 for the large CoolSculpting applicator and $600 -$700 per cycle for the small applicator normally people spend $4000 – $5000 to have several areas treated
  • With 77% of the fat treated still remaining and only a 23% reduction1 there is no doubt why CoolSculpting physicians advertise that “some patients may benefit from a second round of treatments
  • CoolSculpting does nothing for sagging skin and has no skin tightening effect so the appearance of sagging skin will become even more apparent

Smart Liposuction by Dr. Neil C. Goodman:

  • Smart Liposuction removes as much fat as is needed from each treatment area… not 23%
  • Sculpts body, removes fat & tightens skin*
  • Walk in, walk out – back to work in a day*
  • Safe, quick and easy – only local anesthesia needed
  • Treats cellulite at the source
  • Removed Fat Cells are removed and do not grow back1
  • Smart liposuction is advanced and perfected laser liposuction and offers a minimally invasive laser fat removal process that requires little to no recovery time and actually enhance and tightens your skin in the process.
  • Smart Liposuction removes unwanted fat utilizing the latest advancements in laser technology. No other cosmetic surgery procedure comes close!
  • Because of Joint Commission Accreditation and Gold Seal of Approval, Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Neil Goodman is able to remove up to 4 liters of fat, which is 4 times more than liposuction procedures at other facilities.
CoolSculpting After

CoolSculpting’s “Stick of butter” Immediately after treatment with large applicator

With CoolSculpting only 1/4 of fat treated will succumb to the Cryolypolysis (freezing the fat) process. And CoolSculpting also takes 3 to 6 months to see the final result.

Conversely, with results are immediate. With Smart Liposuction you walk in and walk out with your new body. And with Smart Liposuction you are not going to need a second treatment because the fat is gone.

So here is the picture of CoolSculpting after fat has been treated in the large applicator (described as about the size of a stick of butter). Fat is sucked into the CoolSculpting applicator and as can be seen it actually looks like a stick of butter after the treatment. Studies show 23% of fat treated eventually is eventually lost after fat cells die1. A treatment cycle $1300- $1500 for the large applicator which treats large areas (Stomach) and is $600 -$700 per cycle for the small applicator which treats small areas (each love handle). If a second round of treatments are needed the cost doubles.

CoolSculpting research states 23% of fat treated during a CoolSculpting treatment will eventually die and these fats cells are then are naturally eliminated from your body… But hold on, that leaves 77% of the fat treated in place! So will 23% reduction (in the small areas treated)1 make a difference in the way you look? Well, this is why some physicians say ”some patients may benefit from a second treatment” because a second CoolSculpting treatment will allow you to lose another 20%1 of the fat in that treatment area.

The 3 Myths about CoolSculpting

Myth 1: CoolSculpting is a Quick Fix. The actual procedures only take about two hours per area (an hour on the area plus before and after) but several areas may need to be treated so time is dependent on the total number of areas but as far as results, don’t expect to walk ot skinny. Patients may not see start to see results for a few months and full results may take up to 6 months after the procedure. Many patients report that the first treatment does not produce much as far as results given that a total of 20% reduction1 is shown as per their research and a second course of CoolSculpting treatments are then needed.

Myth 2: It’s NOT an “eat more Food Pass”. CoolSculpting freezes 20% of the fat cells1 in a treated area while leaving 80% of the healthy cells in that area behind. Increasing dietary intake will simply allow the 80% of fat cells left behind to increase in size and replace the volume …. Basically replacing any lost fat.

Myth 3: It Will Lift the Sag, Tighten Skin and Sagging Areas. Not to be confused skin tightening technologies such as Laser liposuction, CoolSculpting simply cause some fat cells to die specified area but it will not do anything as far as lifting sagging skin. If a patient is already experiencing sag and turns to CoolSculpting the appearance of sag may become even more apparent.
Both CoolSculpting and Smartlipo will reduce fatty pockets, but the outcomes are totally different. Smart Liposuction not only by reduces fat but also by creates a more curvaceous body contour. CoolSculpting can only reduce fat in specific areas and is not a sculpting technique.

Because CoolSculpting simply reduces fat in treated areas by an average of 20 percent, it is not be a solution for those who also have loose skin. CoolScultping will not deliver the dramatic contouring results that can be provided by Smartlipo.

Who is CoolSculpting designed for?

CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ is designed to remove small areas of fat deposits in “trouble spots” and is only for those with a mild amount of extra fat and people whose fat deposits are localized. CoolSculpting is designed for spot treatment of areas and claims to remove 20-25% of fat from a specific area 2-6 months after treatment.

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    How much does CoolSculpting Cost?

    CoolSculpting – Abdomen & love handles

    • 2 Abdomen Treatments at $1350 each Total $2700
    • 2 Love Handle Treatments $650 per side (4 Treatments) $2600
    • Total – $5300

    Smart Liposuction – Abdomen & love handles

    • Abdomen Treatment
    • 2 Love Handles
    • Total $4000

    * Saving Over CoolSculpting = $1300

    Ounce per ounce of fat removed there is no comparison; Smart liposuction leaves CoolSculpting in the Ice Ages

    Smart Liposuction removes fat ALL the fat needed to achieve the body sculpting result desired in the areas treated and unlike CoolSculpting there is no waiting around for 3-6 months or coming back for a second treatment. Results are dramatic. Dr. Goodman routinely performs Smart Liposuction on prior CoolSculpting patients and can show you before and after pictures of people exactly like yourself

    Smart Liposuction


    How it works:Smart liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat deposits from under the skin, slimming and reshaping specific areas of the body.CoolSculpting is for fat reduction using a non-invasive cooling technique called Cryolipolysis to freeze localized fat.
    Who makes a good candidate:Someone in good health with disproportionate contours due to fat deposits that won’t respond to diet and exercise.Someone close to their ideal body weight who has small areas of stubborn fat pockets such as belly bulges, love handles or back fat that won’t budge with diet and exercise.
    Benefits:Dramatically improves body contour and shape.Non-invasive procedure with a limit of 20- 25% of fat treated in an area
    Risks:There are possible risks involved but any risks are much lesser than traditional liposuction as there is no anesthesia.You may not get the outcome you are looking for, and could need another treatment or an alternative treatment.
    Recovery:A compression garment is usually worn following the procedure to control swelling.Some pain reported and Swelling and some bruising is expected. The treated area may be numb or sensitive to touch directly after procedure.
    Results:Dramatic improvement in body shape and contour.The results from will last as long as you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle as the fat is removed.CoolSculpting eliminates 20% of the fat cells in the treated areas11. Multiple treatments in same areas are necessary top obtain liposuction like results
    What it won’t do:Smartlipo is not a treatment for obesity, nor will it take place of proper diet and exercise.CoolSculpting will not tighten skin or improve body contour, it simply freezes fat cells!