Smart Liposuction Laser Body Sculpting in Wellington – The Most Effective Fat Reduction Procedure Anywhere!*

  • Dr. Neil C Goodman –  Body Sculpting Expert.
  • One of the Nation’s Top Liposuction & Fat Transfer Experts.
  • 6,500 Successful Smart Liposuction Procedures Performed.
  • Smart Liposuction Removes Problem Fat, Sculpts a Beautiful Body, and Tightens Skin
  • Safe, Quick, Easy – Walk-in & out, Back to work or play in a day*
  • Accredited Facility has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for office Based Surgery allowing up to 4 liters of fat to be removed compared non-accredited facilities which are limited to a maximum of 1 liter!*

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Dr Goodman

“I’ve used this technology for over ten years, performing over 5500 procedures. The photos shown are my patients. I would like to give you an opportunity to view real results of my own happy patients during a free consultation.” 

-Warmest Regards,  Neil Goodman, MD, PC, FACOG, FAACS

You can get a Beautiful Sculpted Body with an advanced laser procedure called Smart Liposuction in Wellington Florida. See the Stunning Results of National Expert Dr. Neil C. Goodman Now and Schedule Your Free Consult!

When dieting and exercise just aren’t helping, Smart Liposuction can make stubborn fat disappear …from abs, flanks, hips, thighs, underarms, or any other areas you desire!

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Dr. Neil Goodman M.D has made a career of specializing in Smart Liposuction and Laser Body Sculpting as well as fat transfer to Buttocks or “The Brazilian Butt Lift”. Dr. Goodman has performed over 6500 successful liposuction and Smart Liposuction body shaping procedures on all parts of the body including the abdomen, love handles, thighs, buttocks, neck, back, calves, arms or wherever. Let him give you the body you deserve.

Dr. Neil Goodman’s  Smart Liposuction Procedure routinely removes as much as 4 Times more fat than other Laser Liposuction surgery procedures.*

While most facilities are restricted by law to only remove 1 liter or fat or less, Dr. Goodman is accredited by The Joint Commission and can, therefore, remove 4 times as much fat… up to 4 liters of fat during one procedure!

Dr. Neil Goodman is one of the Nation’s Top Laser Liposuction Surgeons and he performs his specialty which is called “Smart Liposuction” in Wellington Florida at New Radiance’s Joint Commission Accredited Facility! 

  • Removes more fat than other laser and/or Liposuction procedures – Up to 4 times more!
  • Safe, Quick, Easy – Walk in & out, Back to Work or Play in a Day
  • Removes many times more fat than CoolSculpting without waiting 3-6 Months
  • Stimulates Collagen Production to Tighten Skin
  • No Risks of General Anesthesia like with liposuction surgery – Performed under Local only
  • Fat cells are Removed — Problem Areas Disappear!
  • Facility Accredited by The Joint Hospital Commission and has earned the Gold Seal of Approval for Office-Based Surgery
  • Schedule a Free Consult with one of the Nation’s Top Laser Liposuction Experts who will show you before and after pictures of someone just like you!

The joint Commission national quality approval

Neil C. Goodman, MD.

Accredited for Office-Based Surgery
This Facility has Earned the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval

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    Consultations with Dr. Neil Goodman for Smart Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift are no obligation and absolutely free.  During your consult he can show you hundreds of before and after liposuction surgery pictures of his patients with bodies just like you. Dr Goodman has the experience and skill to transform your body from the one you see in your mirror to the skinnier and tighter body you desire. Just give us a call, or simply fill out the Free Consultation form on this page. You can soon be living in the body you’ve dreamed of with Smart Liposuction in Wellington.

    Testimonial: I had problem fat on my abs, hips, and thighs and my lower buttock area. It made it difficult for me to get clothes that fit. I hated the way my body looked. Exercise and dieting didn’t help me. I had a friend who had the procedure done by Dr. Goodman and she looked great. I met with him and decided to go for it. I felt safe considering the number of cases he has performed and the fact that Radiance is a Joint Hospital Commission Certified Facility. He showed me lots of Before and Afters and I was amazed. Before talking to him I didn’t even know what fat grafting was but I went for it and got a Brazilian Butt Lift too! I am so glad that I did. I now have a well-sculpted figure plus beautiful buttocks.” –Tracy B*

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    Smart Liposuction Pricing

    Smart Liposuction typically starts at $2995 for Smart Liposuction of one area and increases based on the total number of areas, size of the patient and amount of fat removed. The total cost for 3 areas of liposuction on a small to medium sized patient, depends on the areas desired but is typically around $4995. An example of three areas includes abdomen, flanks and saddle bags. Fees will be higher for large and very large patients.
    Note: Dr. Goodman will quote you an individual price during your free consultation. This specific consultation quote will include all advertised discounts and will be the absolute lowest price based on your individual consultation and procedure.

    Liposuction to remove any substantial amount of fat can run considerably more at other facilities but unparalleled experience allows Dr. Goodman to perform procedures at an affordable pricing.

    Get the figure you deserve at our Joint Commission accredited Smart Liposuction facility in Wellington.

    *Price increases depending on the number of areas you choose – increasing monthly payment.

    Doctor Goodman MD, PC, FAACS – Board Certified FACOG– True Liposuction & Laser Liposuction Expert. Specialty: Fat Transfer to Buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift) and Breast. 

    Why Choose Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Neil Goodman?

          • He is one of the most experienced Liposuction experts in the Country and is a true body sculpting artist, not just a fat removal surgeon.
          • Has a huge library of before and after photos of his work which he will share with you
          • Is accredited to do large and medium sized cases, not just small cases
          • Specializes in laser liposuction surgery and fat transfer to buttocks and breast
          • Affordable pricing, with financing options available

    Why get Smart Liposuction and not CoolSculpting – Freeze The Fat, Smartlipo or some other laser lipo procedure?

    CoolSculpting is specifically those individuals with a very small amount of “localized” fat. The reason for this is because the “large” CoolSculpting applicator treats an area “the size of a stick of butter” which is only 4 ounces of fat, and up to 25% actually goes away in 3-6 months.

    Dr. Goodman is accredited at New Radiance and approved by The Joint Hospital Commission and the Florida Board of Medicine for Level 1 office based surgery which allows for removal of up to 4 liters of fat. Other procedures can legally remove only 1 liter or less. Smart Liposuction Body Sculpting is state of the art liposuction surgery You can find out why with a Free Consultation with Florida’s Smart Liposuction Expert – Dr. Neil C. Goodman.

    Liposuction Before and After Photos*

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    Brazilian Butt Lift Described!

    The Brazilian butt lift procedure transfers fat from other problem areas in the body (typically the thighs or abdomen) and relocates it to the buttocks. In essence, it turns a problem into an asset!
    Laser Body Sculpting shapes body, Fat is Removed from Problem Areas
    Results are a youthful, prominent, perky buttocks & a more sensual profile
    Fat is Transplanted to the Buttocks resulting in long-lasting Butt Augmentation

    Call 561.323.4267 or fill out our Free Consultation form to learn more about Smartlipo in Wellington Florida!

    How does this compare to CoolSculpting Fat Freezing?

    So you have heard “Freeze the Fat” and CoolSculpting and you want to know, Is it for me?, How much fat can CoolSculpting remove?, Will it give me the body I want?, How long until I see Results?, Does it also tighten skin?
    CoolSculpting is specifically those individuals with a very small amount of “localized” fat whereas liposuction can remove much larger amounts of fat.

    An average Smart Liposuction case at New Radiance with Dr. Neil Goodman removes 2.8 liters of fat. That’s almost 6 1/2 pounds of fat removed. Smart Liposuction removes all the problem fat in the areas treated.  With Smart Liposuction you walk in and walk out with the body of your dreams!

    How can Fat removed during Liposuction be used to enhance my body?

    The Fat you lose during liposuction can be used for fat transfer and a Brazilian butt lift or Natural Breast Augmentation. There is no substitute for your body’s own fat when it comes to reshaping the upper part of the buttocks. Dr. Neil Goodman is a pioneer of the Brazilian Butt Lift, an amazing figure enhancing surgery which makes your buttocks lifted and “perky”.

    Fat Transfer (also known as Fat Grafting) is one of the most exciting advancements in cosmetic surgery today. Fat grafting can add volume to your face and can also be used as a Natural Breast Enhancement but the hottest procedure Nationwide and in South Florida is the Brazilian Butt Lift. As we age we lose fat in places we want it and gain it in places we don’t. With advanced fat grafting techniques your own fat is actually transferred to lift and shape your body back to the way it used to be…or EVEN BETTER. Now you can get the figure you desire with Laser Body Sculpting plus a perfectly shaped and sexy buttocks in one safe, simple procedure from one of the top laser liposuction Expert in the Nation.

    Call 561.323.4267 or fill out our Free Consultation form Below to learn more!

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    *Please note that with all surgical procedures individual results will vary.

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