exiliExilis Ultra is the industry’s only Non-invasive device to deliver Radio Frequency and Ultrasound simultaneously to rejuvenate your skin and combat the appearance of wrinkles while tightening skin!

Exilis Ultra for Face Before & After*Exilis Ultra Eyes Before & After New Radiance Wellington
*Individual before & after results will vary.

Exilis Ultra™ Tightens Loose, Sagging Skin, Melts Fat and reduces Cellulite.

The Best Skin Tightening Award Winner is Now Available in Wellington, Florida!

exilis ultra awards at Radiance Wellington

Exilis Ultra Neck Treatment Before & After*

Exilis Before & After Neck

*Individual results will vary

How Does Exilis Ultra™ Rejuvenate the Face?

Exilis Ultra™ quickly and evenly heats your skin and dermis to stimulate your body’s collagen and elastin production and enhances the effect with advanced ultrasound and radio frequency energy. Exilis Ultra can also help destroy unwanted fat cells, allowing for a rejuvenating effect with facial fat reduction and renewed firmness via collagen production stimulation. With Exilis Ultra you can rejuvenate your face with skin tightening, fat and cellulite reduction!

Learn How You Can Rejuvenate Your Face with Exilis Ultra™


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    Exilis Ultra™ Face & Body Treatment Before & Afters*

    Exilis Ultra Eyes Before & After New Radiance Wellington

    Exilis Neck before and after -4 treaments - New Radiance Cosmetic Center

    Exilis Body Treatments also available!

    Female abdominal exilis before and after Radiance Wellington

    Exilis Ultra Before & After - Cellulite on Legs

    Exilis Before & After Neck

    exilis ultra before & after eyesExilis Arm before and after -4 treaments - New Radiance Cosmetic CenterExilis Treats Cellulite and Crepey Skin

    Crepey legs before and after New Radiance Wellington

    *Please note that individual results will vary and may not exactly match Before and Afters.

    Exilis Ultra™ is one of the most advanced, full-body non-surgical skin tightening, fat busting and tissue lifting procedure available. In our Wellington Cosmetic Center you can achieve these results* with virtually no discomfort and absolutely no surgery!

    Exilis Ultra™ Benefits

    Exilis treatments use the Exilis System, the most advanced FDA approved1 device for non-surgical body sculpting and skin tightening.

    • Quick 20-40 minute treatments – Perfect for Lunch Breaks
    • Tightens skin, Sculpts Body & Reduces Fat
    • Painless Procedure feels like a hot stone massage.
    • Treat anywhere on your body, even your face!
    • Only targets deep tissue with gentle RF and ultrasound waves to keep your dermal structures healthy
    • No Downtime


    Is there downtime with Exilis treatment?

    No, many patients may experience some redness which will disappear within 1-2 hours. For body treatments you can exercise the same day. For facial treatments you can apply makeup later the same day.

    Is the Exilis treatment painful?

    No. You will feel some heat to the tissue which can be adjusted quickly to match your own comfort level. This treatment does not require any topical anesthetics. No medications are needed prior to the treatment to relax your body as you may need with other tightening procedures.

    Will the treatment cause Scars?

    Only in extremely rare cases is this possible. This would require an enormous amount of heat to be delivered in a very sensitive person and in these situations, blisters may appear. Most blisters will heal with no scars. And at our Wellington office the heat will always be adjusted to your comfort level.

    How do I prepare for the treatment?

    For face and neck treatments:

    • Please do not wear makeup the day of your treatment
    • Do not shave in the treatment area 1 day before procedure

    How many treatments are needed?

    We recommend that (most) of our patients get 2 treatments per week for maximum results until the desired amount of fat loss and skin tightening occurs.

    Can I have Exilis treatment if I have a darker skin tone?

    Absolutely, Exilis is safe and effective for all skin tones, as it does not rely on skin pigment targeting.

    Can I use Exilis with dermal filler or Botox Cosmetic?

    Yes, our medical experts will work with you to find the best treatment schedule to enhance your beauty in conjunction with Botox or any other dermal fillers you would like try.

    Choose Your Treatment Area

    exilis treatment areas

    The beauty of Exilis Ultra is your power to treat almost any area of your body. When you visit New Radiance Cosmetic Center in Wellington, our medical experts will personally help you plan your treatment step by step. To get you started, find the areas you would most like to treat in the treatment areas chart above this text and have them ready when you visit for your FREE CONSULTATION.

    When you’re ready to sculpt your body, tighten skin and enhance your natural beauty…